Rule changes agreed for 2018 BTCC season

24th October 2017

A number of rule changes have recently been ratified by TOCA that will take effect from the opening round of the 2018 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship:

Increase in driving standards penalties

- Fines will be increased, with a significant additional championship fine applied on top of any MSA fine.

- From next year a ‘strike’ will last for 12 months from the date applied, rather than just the same season (This then brings them into line with the 12 month penalty points system on MSA race licence).

- Strikes gained during a 12 month period will result in the following penalties;

3rd strike – back of the grid
4th strike – one race ban
5th strike – two race ban
6th strike – three race ban
7th strike – banned from the championship for the rest of that season

- A relatively minor but straightforward on-track incident, involving and affecting only two cars, that can be simply rectified by swapping their finishing positions post-race (or which has already been fully redressed within one lap by the offending driver) will not necessarily constitute a ‘strike’.

3rd race grid draw

The partial reverse-grid draw will now extend to 12 ……i.e. the reverse-grid draw will be from positions 6-12 (rather than 6-10).

Jack Sears Trophy

Eligible drivers will be those that have never scored an outright podium position.

Any driver subsequently scoring an outright podium during the season, will be ineligible for the JST from the next season.

Previous overall JST winners are ineligible.

Boost adjustments

If needed, these will take place once per season – at around the mid-season point – as was done in 2016.

Driver changes

A team is now permitted a maximum of two permanent driver changes per season (previously one).

Mandatory Driver and Team manager regulations tests

A driver or Team Manager cannot take part until they have successfully passed a mandatory regulations test.

TOCA portable marshalling light panels

TOCA have invested in commissioning the production of 6 large portable trackside marshalling LED light panels (i.e. electronic flag signals). These will be taken to each event and utilised by marshals at those points at a circuit where TOCA considers the drivers and marshals would directly benefit from their use.

The 2018 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship will get underway on the 7/8 April at Brands Hatch. © 2024
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