Autocar: 'Why the BTCC is a great day out'

15th May 2015

Editor Jim Holder has given his thoughts on from the other side of the fence of an action packed BTCC day out:

I’m over 40, so my memory is no longer what it was, but suffice to say that I cannot remember the last time I was at a British Touring Car Championship race...

So last weekend I went to Thruxton to watch the BTCC with some trepidation, and I’m delighted to say I came away re-enthused by the spectacle and intensity of the competition.

Now, before anyone asks, there was no fancy hospitality and - although Autocar is a media partner (hence the stickers on the cars) - I am not beholden to report anything other than what I saw. I stood on the banks at the Complex with my family, and enjoyed the weekend just as anyone who bought an entry ticket could.

There were many standout features. The timetable, for starters, was both busy and fast-paced. As one race ended, another was queued up. When there was a pause, it was well used by the expert commentary team to build up the intensity ahead of each of the three BTCC races. And you were never far from a big screen, meaning it was possible to follow all the action wherever you were...

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Watch brief highlights of the Thruxton weekend below: © 2024
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