James Cole backs new ‘THINK!’ road safety campaign

10th October 2014

United Autosports racer James Cole, who is an ambassador for road safety with his Drivecool campaign, is supporting a new initiative aimed at warning drivers of the dangers of country roads.

60% of people killed on Britain’s highways die on rural roads, and new research shows many more drivers are needlessly putting themselves at risk of an accident.

Cole said: “As a young racing driver, I learnt a number of key skills, such as looking ahead and judging the road conditions. These skills are equally important for everyday driving in Britain.

“Being a responsible driver, I try to anticipate hidden hazards and brake before the bend, and this is critical on country roads - you just don’t know what’s around the next corner.”

The new THINK! advertising campaign uses 3D scanning technology to illustrate that country roads are full of unforeseen hazards. This innovative visual technique allows viewers to ‘see’ through the bends on a country road and spot the unexpected dangers ahead.

The message for drivers is that, in the real world, you can’t see the perils that may lie behind a bend so it’s always best to slow down and give yourself time to react.

To help promote the campaign, Cole recently appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain programme and the BBC News Channel.

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