FIA endorses NGTC regulations

4th December 2014

The hugely successful technical regulations operated by the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship have been adopted and fully endorsed by the sport's international governing body, the FIA.

The World Council approved the endorsement of NGTC regulations yesterday (3 December) during the FIA's World Motor Sport Council meeting in Qatar. Below is an excerpt from the FIA Touring Car Commission report:

‘A Commission proposal to endorse and publish two separate and distinct levels of technical regulations has been approved. One is suited to a higher level of national competition and the second is suited to a more production‐based, lower‐cost level of national competition. These technical regulations will be known as FIA TCN-1 & FIA TCN-2.

TCN-1 are those technical regulations used in the British Touring Championship.

TCN-2 are those regulations used in the Argentine Tourismo Nacionale Championship.’

These endorsements follow the introduction of the World Touring Car Championship’s TC1 regulations earlier this year and now provide a pyramid system for touring car racing across the globe.

The BTCC boasting recognised rules for a ‘higher level of national competition’ further cements its position as one of the leading and pioneering motor racing championships in the world.

Since the introduction of the NGTC regulations back in 2011 the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship has gone on to produce capacity grids with some 11 manufacturers and 14 models having been represented so far. A new manufacturer – Infiniti – has already confirmed its participation in the championship from 2015. © 2024
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