Fans Q&A with Andy Priaulx

9th May 2015

Ahead of what is geographically a home race weekend for Guernseyman Andy Priaulx in the 2015 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship, he took over the Thruxton Twitter account to answer questions and help the fans get to know the triple World Champion a little better. Here are the highlights from the Q&A!

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@FraserClark: Hi Andy, how do NGTC cars compare with the BTC-T and S2000 cars you've been so successful in before?

AP: The NGTC car is quite heavy and loads the tire quite a lot. The WTCC was lighter but not as powerful!

@StefanGT3: My question - What makes you attracted to rear wheel drive, and in particular BMW? 🙂

AP: This is because I love power oversteer! The RWD BMW feels like a real racing car.

@DebbiePalmer44: Are you enjoying being part of the BTCC?

AP: Yeah, its great to be back home! The circuits are awesome and the racing is mega.

@SupermanrafWes: If BMW offered you any road car to drive on your favourite road, what car would it be?

AP: It has to be the @BMW_UK BMW i8, this car is awesome! It looks so beautiful.

@SupermanrafWes: Who is your favourite driver, and if you could race them, what BMW touring car would you like to race against them in?

AP: I would like to race against my friend and motorsport hero @nigelmansell in the BMW M1 around the streets of Monaco.

@psq43: fun question, your tan...real or bottled? Blame @samtordoff for that!!

AP: Guys I don't need a fake tan, I live in Guernsey!! It’s always sunny.

@EN29HJ: Favourite BTCC track?

AP: Thruxton of course!! You need some big you know whats around here!!

@Juney1981: What's your top 3 for winners on Sunday? Hope weathers good to you, I'll be watching. Good luck.

AP: I think @hondaracingbtcc will be very competitive this weekend. But keeping positive!!

@Winslade1: if you had to enter any of the BTCC support series which one would you choose?

AP: I like the tough racing in Clios but think its best to stay in @DunlopBTCC!!

@mi55_motorsport: Andy do you reckon your son will follow your footsteps into a Motorsport Series when he's older?

AP: Maybe he could be my team-mate!!

You can follow Andy through all of the Thruxton action this weekend – click here to find out when and where! © 2024
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