EXCELR8 one-two as Lloyd doubles up

26th June 2022

It was a Bristol Street Motors with EXCELR8 TradePriceCars.com one-two in the second Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship contest at Croft, as Dan Lloyd led home team-mate Tom Ingram.

Whilst Lloyd got off the line well to hold the lead for the full 18-lap encounter, Ingram was on the attack from the off, dispatching the Honda of Dan Rowbottom around the outside at Clervaux before setting his sights on Team BMW's Colin Turkington.

With the #80 Hyundai making quick work of moving into second, Turkington held P3 for the remainder of the bout to secure a second podium finish of the day.

ROKiT MB Motorsport's Jake Hill made one of the most impressive moves of the day as he squeezed by Halfords Racing with Cataclean's Rowbottom at one of the faster sections of the track.

NAPA Racing UK's Ash Sutton and Toyota GAZOO Racing UK's Rory Butcher remained line astern for much of the race as they finished sixth and seventh, ahead of Laser Tools Racing's Aiden Moffat.

Tom Chilton secured his second successive top ten finish as he held off Team BMW's Stephen Jelley and the recovering Josh Cook in his Rich Energy BTC Racing Honda.

Gordon Shedden was rewarded with 12th and reverse grid pole position as the Scotsman surged through the field from the back after his earlier incident in race one.

Dan Lloyd said: "I can talk this time, I’m not as emotional. We made a big improvement to the car from race one and it obviously paid off! It was much more easy to handle out the back. I preferred having my team-mate behind me than Colin [Turkington], too. The red lights stuck on for ages and it was really bogging so I was lucky to get a good start off the line and then it was a case of managing the hybrid. It’s the first time I’ve had such little hybrid, so I was just getting used to that.

"I think if [Tom] were a little bit closer he would’ve had a go; he’s fighting for the championship and he’s feisty, so he’d have had a go. But a big thanks to all my sponsors and new partners for their support. It’s really helped me to get here. It’s pulled everyone together after rebuilding the car and I’m closer to them more than ever, its like a big family. The only other win I’ve had was here four years ago, you couldn’t write it!"

Tom Ingram said: "I’m really pleased with that. The start was critical because I knew that’s where it’s so important – especially around Croft – to get a good launch and try to get it while its kicking off because it’s so easy to defend around here. So you’ve got to make hay while the sun shines. It’s fantastic to get a one-two for the team, absolutely amazing. I’m really, really chuffed. It puts us right where we need to be, and we’ll see where the reverse grid puts us.

"If it was anyone else, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near as patient. I’m really pleased, to have your team-mate battling with you, it’s always good fun because we’ve got respect. I’ve had respect for Dan [Lloyd] for ages. He’s a quick peddler, a quick guy, it’s great to have him as part of the team and it’s really working well for us all.

"It really has been such a team effort, we’ve really worked really hard and it’s a real sole unit to come up with the package that’s working so well. Spencer and all the guys have just worked absolute miracles on the car and it’s an absolute pleasure to drive, it really is. At Oulton Park, I thought the car was fantastic, I had no criticisms and coming here, it’s exactly the same. It’s doing everything we want it to. From a chassis it’s doing everything we want it to, I’m so chuffed with it."

Colin Turkington said: “It was [all about the start] very similar to race 1, but I’m knackered trying to keep up with these two. I just didn’t have the pace, didn’t have the answer for these guys, mostly in the straight-line stuff, on the run to Tower and the exit of Tower to Jim Clark. They would gap me two or three car lengths, it’s just in a straight line where we lose the performance to Tom and Dan. They both drove well, nothing kicked off at the end unfortunately but still a top result for me and BMW and all the podium.”

2022 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship – Race 2 – Croft

1.             Daniel LLOYD (GBR) Bristol Street Motors with EXCELR8 TradePriceCars.com 18 laps
2.             Tom INGRAM (GBR) Bristol Street Motors with EXCELR8 TradePriceCars.com +0.634s
3.             Colin TURKINGTON (GBR) Team BMW +1.156s
4.             Jake HILL (GBR) ROKiT MB Motorsport +2.490s
5.             Daniel ROWBOTTOM (GBR) Halfords Racing with Cataclean +4.586s
6.             Ash SUTTON (GBR) NAPA Racing UK +5.516s
7.             Rory BUTCHER (GBR) Toyota GAZOO Racing UK +6.719s
8.             Aiden MOFFAT (GBR) Laser Tools Racing +9.905s
9.             Tom CHILTON (GBR) Bristol Street Motors with EXCELR8 TradePriceCars.com +11.442s
10.           Stephen JELLEY (GBR) Team BMW +11.842s  
11.           Josh COOK (GBR) Rich Energy BTC Racing +12.457s
12.           Gordon SHEDDEN (GBR) Halfords Racing with Cataclean +12.883s
13.           Dan CAMMISH (GBR) NAPA Racing UK +14.384s
14.           Bobby THOMPSON (GBR) Autobrite Direct with JourneyHero +14.766s
15.           Adam MORGAN (GBR) Car Gods with Ciceley Motorsport +15.075s
16.           Ash HAND (GBR) CarStore Power Maxed Racing +17.864s 
17.           Jason PLATO (GBR) Rich Energy BTC Racing +21.244s
18.           Dexter PATTERSON (GBR) Laser Tools Racing +23.409s
19.           Sam OSBORNE (GBR) Apec Racing with Beavis Morgan +25.003s
20.           Ollie JACKSON (GBR) Apec Racing with Beavis Morgan +26.004s
21.           Árón TAYLOR-SMITH (IRL) Yazoo with Safuu.com Racing +26.572s
22.           Nic HAMILTON (GBR) Yazoo with Safuu.com Racing +31.676s
23.           Jade EDWARDS (GBR) Rich Energy BTC Racing +32.529s  
24.           Will POWELL (GBR) Autobrite Direct with JourneyHero +40.882s
25.           Ricky COLLARD (GBR) Toyota GAZOO Racing UK +2 laps
26.           George GAMBLE (GBR) Car Gods with Ciceley Motorsport +2 laps
27.           James GORNALL (GBR) Bristol Street Motors with EXCELR8 TradePriceCars.com +15 laps
28.           Michael CREES (GBR) CarStore Power Maxed Racing +15 laps

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