12th May 2021

Consolidating its long-standing relationship with Lifeline Fire & Safety Systems, the BTCC has signed the company to continue the supply of its ground breaking onboard Zero 275 fire extinguisher system to all entrants through to the end of 2026.

Continuing the technical partnership in the critical area of fire safety assures both drivers and engineers that development of the FIA 8865:2015 standard Zero 275 is always up-to-date.

Weighing less than 3.5 kg the complete system is noted for its ease of installation and compactness of design. Of particular interest is the use of CFD modelling in the design of the nozzle, allowing it to be floor mounted in the vehicle.

Jim Morris, managing director of Lifeline explains: “This undoubtedly helped us to achieve a more efficient deployment of suppressant, while reducing the amount used – all contributing to weight loss, lower centre of gravity and an elegant solution to reduce the complexity of packaging.”

For a driver’s peace of mind, the speed with which a system activates is paramount and Zero 275 extinguishes the FIA’s fire test in less than one second.

“Our design engineers have for years worked closely with the FIA rule makers,” continues Morris, “which has enabled us to produce this advanced system which is recommended for all FIA categories but is mandatory for touring cars.”

Full details of the range of Lifeline fire suppression systems, together with a range of ancillary safety products and list of worldwide dealers can be found at © 2024
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