23rd January 2020

The official BTCC website caught up with Laser Tools Racing’s Aiden Moffat to discuss how his upcoming season is looking ahead of the 2020 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship.

“This is the most excited I’ve been for a race season before,” said Moffat. “Working with Ash (Sutton) and the knowledge and experience he has is going to be massive for bringing me on. Obviously I’ve still got some learning to do in a rear-wheel drive touring car but I’m confident in myself and working as a team – I know how beneficial that can be. It will be the first time having a proper team-mate in the BTCC which will be a massive aid and on top of that we’ve got two brand new Infiniti Q50s. With the car I brought out [in 2019] we were getting there by the end of the year, but it was a 2014 shell I was in, it had a lot of issues which is natural because things have moved on. The cars you build today are superior, so I think with the package we’ve got it’s going to be a special year for us.

“We’ve got testing planned, both the cars are still being built just now, but they shouldn’t be too long. The nice thing is, with the work we’ve done in the latter part of last season in the old spec car, we’ve still learnt a lot, so it’s given us a little head start. We’ve managed to skip a lot of waiting time that we would have had if it weren’t for the way we went about things which is why we made that decision last year. We had to take it on the chin and drop down the order but that’s given us a big head start to build something special for 2020 and that’s what we’re aiming to achieve.

“It reminds me of my early days. First getting into racing, as a young kid you couldn’t wait to go racing and you were desperate for the season to arrive and to get back in the driving seat – it’s given me that feeling again this year. I know we’ve got something quite special to build on and it’s got my love and hunger for BTCC back again which I lost at points last year. It was frustrating turning up knowing that if you have an excellent weekend with reverse grids you might get into the top ten in race three... it’s not really something that excites you. But having a project that could be a race-winning car and who knows what else that makes you very excited to get going.

“In having a team-mate, you half the time you need for development. You can back-to-back things, you can have two setups on the track at the same time meaning you’re avoiding trying a new setup when the track has actually changed conditions, so you can sometimes chase your tail a bit. I know Snetterton test days are hard work, the track changes that much throughout the day that just looking at the times isn’t enough because is the car better or is the track better. You can overlay data, so it takes a lot of the doubt out. You can work together in terms of driving and car development and I think a couple of heads going towards it is always going to be beneficial.

“I’ll always be myself and I’ll always race for me, if there’s a sniff of a win I’ll do everything I can to get it, regardless of who’s around me and what the situation is, I’m always going to do everything I can. But at the same time, with me and Ash together, I’m very confident of how well we can work as team-mates and hopefully make this a very exciting project for Laser Tools Racing, but again I’ll be out there to try and make sure I’m winning races.

“[With the addition of the Silverstone International layout] there’s a new track layout so the concern is figuring out which way to go – I should really look into that for a start! It’s always exciting to do something different; change is nice. The BTCC is never repetitive as anything can happen at any given point, but it’s always nice to change it up a bit; a slightly different calendar, a new track, it’ll make things interesting.

“My main aim is to be consistently at the front and up there in the championship, meaning there will be points where I’ll perhaps need to look at the situation rather than doing anything daft. For argument's sake, there’s Turkington who won the championship with one win when Ash had six wins. The points and consistency are always going to be my aim. Obviously you want to win but I wouldn’t go doing something daft to achieve that, I want to make sure I’m up there in the championship for myself and to get Laser Tools Racing up there in the Teams’ Championship with Ash.

“It’s very exciting times for us, I can’t wait to get going.”

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