24th February 2021

Having announced its new Team Manager for the 2021 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship, the Official BTCC website talked with BTC Racing's Mick Sergeant as he steps into his new role with the squad.

Sergeant, who has a wealth of experience in Britain's elite motorsport series, discusses his route into the championship, as well as what is required within his role...

"You've got to be a bit of everything I suppose," said Sergeant. "Generally, steering the ship in the right direction, being organised, building a team and encouraging it to do well, getting the right people doing the right job, organising the movement of the whole team around the country. It's a bit different in the wintertime as you've got big rebuilds and you've got to put the team together. Then once we're into the season we're all where we want to be. We're all racers at heart and we've got to be doing that job, so it's slightly different. You've got to be a bit of everything, and keeping track of the drivers is a bit like hearding cats...

"You need to understand what everybody's job is. You wouldn't ask someone to do a job you couldn't do yourself is how I look at it. I'm lucky to have worked my way up and done pretty much every job you can in the team... I've done a bit of everything so I understand what's involved in the role."

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