29th January 2021

With a new car and team-mate for the upcoming Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship, Ciceley Motorsport driver Adam Morgan is feeling confident about the 2021 campaign, as the 32-year-old fires into his tenth year contesting the series.

The Official BTCC website caught up with Morgan to talk testing, team-mates and ten years in Britain's premier motorsport series in the Q&A below...

With a new car and new team-mate for 2021, what are your expectations for the season? 

My expectations are always high and, as a team, we always aim for the best. The BMW 330i M Sport is a proven race and championship winner, so there are no excuses with what I am driving. This will also be the first time Ciceley Motorsport and I have a team-mate who is more experienced, which can only benefit us. Tom [Chilton] and I seemed to be very matched pace-wise throughout 2020 so having two cars with two drivers at the same pace should really help develop the car quickly.

A two-car team always has benefits, and a two-car team with two quick drivers will have even more benefits. The fact Tom and I have been so equally matched means we can speed up the process of testing different set-ups on the car. Getting good back to back data, good feedback and consistency throughout this development will push not only myself but the team as a whole forward.

Following on from that, last year your team-mate Jack [Butel] was a rookie in the BTCC, whereas Tom Chilton, has contested five more years in the championship than yourself. Does your team-mate’s level of experience change the dynamic between the two of you? 

I don’t think it does really. We have both gathered many years of experience in the BTCC, we both know what it’s about and how to get results. I am sure we will work together very well, and also push each other to improve, that’s what team-mates are all about.

How are you feeling about the front to rear wheel-drive switch? 

A lot of people have commented on this, about getting used to rear wheel-drive, and yes there are a few aspects that I will have to re-learn and adapt to, but as a racing driver, no matter if its FWD or RWD, you get in it and drive it as hard and fast as you possibly can. I started in rallying and then moved to Ginettas so I have a few years’ experience in RWD, so it should hopefully come back to me pretty quick.


We’ve seen you’ve been out in the BMW 125i M Sport to get some testing in ahead of the 3 series’ arrival, how was that? 

It was great to get out behind the wheel again and in a rear wheel-drive machine. Conditions have been tricky with wet and damp tracks as well as the cold temperatures. But seat time is invaluable, it has been a long time since either Tom or I drove RWD so it’s great to get out and there and put it into practice. Steve, our engineer, can also use these tests for some data collection.

2021 will mark your tenth BTCC campaign, what advice would you give to your younger self back in 2012 ahead of your maiden season? 

Points mean prizes. I was definitely over-eager in my first year in the BTCC, trying too hard and going for every single position I could. It's the toughest and most competitive championship there is, and you have to finish races, not just go for podiums and wins. With the championship being so competitive I would tell my younger self to just learn, watch the guys at the front, see where they place the car and know when and where not to attack.


You obviously hold ambitions to win the title overall but there is also the Independents’ to think about... what are your genuine targets for your first season in the BMW?

I have, of course, set myself some personal targets this year, which I am going to keep to myself.  For the first time ever in the BTCC, I am driving the same machinery that has won the Drivers' and Teams' championship. In my eyes, I have no excuses now.  The Mercedes was older but we still got results, while the BMW is brand new and a proven fast car. Naturally, I’m very excited to see what we can achieve. I would absolutely love for Ciceley Motorsport to win the Independent Teams' Championship. © 2024
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